Time as a factor!

Sands of Time

Time as a factor of relevance is not the same everywhere!

At one point in history, time was not the same everywhere. Time was measured with the sunrise and sunset in every village dictating the life and activities of that community. With the advent of railways and commercial activities consistent time was needed across the Country leading to the standardization of time measurement across the country and extending around the globe eventually. Businesses, Governments, Legal, and Financial support systems moved from local to state to federal over a period of time as efficiency of centralized standards supported by technology has taken precedence over local and regional controls.

21st Century technology made the world smaller and within reach of individuals and businesses with the cell phone and the internet. This same technology is creating a radically successful engaged population and a larger disconnected population that is being left behind with an increasing disenchantment with 21st Century opportunities. The internet that was designed to level the playing field for individuals, businesses, and communities evolved to the point of cloud-based, artificial intelligence driven services and is dividing individuals, businesses, and communities into The Haves who are engaged in the new technology and The Have-Nots who are yet to make that connection, co-existing in two different time zones.

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.” Jim Rohn.

Wisdom of the health parallel: How do physicians solve a medical problem? They start with a question, listen, examine, and work the problem.  From a physician perspective, co-morbid conditions are multiple disease processes requiring an intelligent understanding of the root cause that varies patient to patient. Even as many physicians chase the symptoms in their treatment modalities, effective physicians focus on identifying the root cause trigger to untangle the complex, interrelationships of health problems in individual patients.

Using skill to attack the problem: The problem of the economic stagnation of The Have-nots population is embedded with comorbid challenges in K-12, Career, Health, and Community connections. Skill development for 21st Century jobs is a variable dependent on the quality of K-12. Career success provides the earning capacity for families to deal with health issues while participating in the community services.

To be better: The pathway to a healthier and more economically vibrant community requires an educational model that strengthens career and technology capabilities of students to be an effective workforce in business models with the capabilities to succeed in the 21st Century environment.

Root-cause trigger: The aligned and impactful engagement of individuals and institutions is the trigger to rebuilding the confidence and self-reliance of the community and to move the needle on the Have-nots participation in the new economy.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Jim Rohn.

Pathway to effective local control: ACCESS provides the disciplined, multi-dimensional, non-linear, and systemic engagement pathway for education, career, health, and community domains to deliver on the community’s self-reliant goal to have healthier and more economically vibrant communities.

K-12 is the place to start. Coming up next!              https://avatarplatform.wordpress.com

Author: ravishakamuri

For the past few decades, technology has enabled businesses to eliminate entry level jobs, consolidated mid-level positions and demand increasing level of education to manage jobs and careers. Relentless pursuit of profit margins by large businesses chasing niche markets enabled by technology is resulting in a shorter life span for small and medium scale businesses. This is the driver creating a need for first generation and multi-generation family businesses to adapt, consolidate or close shop. Created "Avatar Platform" to empower the family to gain traction in education, health, career and business opportunities in the communities and regions they call home.

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