Student Engagement Factor

Effective engagement: Aligned to deliver an impact!

The Education Issue: A critical component of the K-12 performance stagnation has many contributing factors including student performance, parental engagement, teacher shortages, over-crowded classrooms, etc. These could be considered the co-morbid conditions impacting K12 performance. An anomaly is that in every class, there is a group of students who appear to be immune to these problems and continue to move forward with their plans to graduate and go on to college and then proceed on to a career of their choice. A common thread that weaves through this group is that they are all “engaged students”.

Student Engagement – A Critical Driver: Many are dedicated to addressing the performance issues, but one critical driver that could minimize the co-morbid conditions of institutional ineffectiveness is “student engagement”. True student engagement strategy strengthens individual student’s analytical, communicative, collaborative, and creative skills to trigger better learning skills. This model has the potential to liberate the students from individual and environmental limitations and allows them to connect to the subjects and opportunities.

Types of Engagement: A real-world engagement pathway that identifies individual student’s intrinsic career interest and connects that priority to the careers and mentors in the surrounding business environment can trigger a student’s interest to learn the subjects and courses in the classroom.

Aligned Institutional Engagement:  Community businesses falter in their eagerness to help the district due to lack of alignment with the student classroom curriculum and teacher expectations. Business institutional engagement designed to respect the academic boundaries of the district establishes a sustainable and effective partnership of the community with the district.

Education & Career dimensions: ACCESS provides a systemic, disciplined pathway to establish meaningful engagement in the students with a goal to strengthen student accomplishments in the classroom.

To emphasize the need for such skills in order to continue to succeed in careers, here is an  article:

Research identifying critical challenges regarding student success:


Author: ravishakamuri

For the past few decades, technology has enabled businesses to eliminate entry level jobs, consolidated mid-level positions and demand increasing level of education to manage jobs and careers. Relentless pursuit of profit margins by large businesses chasing niche markets enabled by technology is resulting in a shorter life span for small and medium scale businesses. This is the driver creating a need for first generation and multi-generation family businesses to adapt, consolidate or close shop. Created "Avatar Platform" to empower the family to gain traction in education, health, career and business opportunities in the communities and regions they call home.

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