Ravi Shakamuri, M.S. is the founder and CEO Star Tech Group, LLC. & Star Care Health Services based out of Texas, U.S.A. He brings over 20 + years of healthcare, technology, operational, financial, management & entrepreneurial experience.

Passion: Making Education (K-12), Health, Career and Entrepreneurship easy for the 21st Century families.

Healthcare Experience: Star Care Health Services (USA) – Star Care, with 21 years of experience providing healthcare services in Texas & New Mexico, logging over 990,000 patient visits is a demonstrated competence in engaging and directing a high quality team delivering healthcare services in a home setting across 7 counties. www.starcareonline.com

Information Management Skills: Global Info Systems (USA) – Over a period of 15 years as a medical transcription service provider, GIS evolved into a nationally recognized service provider with 40 hospitals, 150 clinics and 3000 physicians actively utilizing transcription services across 22 States of USA. GIS has significant health information management capability with over 6 million lines of transcription per month. Successful spinoff in December, 2013.

Healthcare Experience (India): Star Care Health Network (India) – Established in 2008, driven with a mission to bring world class healthcare to India. Combining service & information management experience, Star Care has developed a proprietary cutting edge technology solution that promotes preventive & wellness services amongst low income and middle class families. www.starcareindia.com

Star Tech Group, LLC (USA): Avatar Platform with Avatar Ed, Avatar Health, Avatar Career & Avatar Entrepreneur is designed to make technology work for the family to succeed locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. www.avatarplatform.com

Acclaim Global Education Pvt. Ltd (India): Established in 2014, focus is to bring world class education, health, career and skill development services to low income and middle class families in every classroom, village, town and city in India. www.acclaimglobal.net

Follow Ravi on Twitter: @ravishakamuri

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